About us

Founders: Mrs Alfiya Askar Abulkhair and Mr Timur Kuanyshev
Education: Economics
Current positions in the Company: Chairman and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors


The Company is founded in 1990.

Company profile:

• Agribusiness
• Distillery industry
• Construction
• Oil and Gas
• Mining
• Trading
• Development
• Finance
• Investments
• Charity


The history of the group of companies begins in 1990 with a small enterprise called "BATT Co.”, which had been conducting import-export operations for the wholesale of consumer goods, office equipment, vehicles and food products.  With more than twenty-five years of successful operation, the group has achieved a competitive edge and valueless experience in various industries, including agriculture, construction, oil and gas, mining, finance, trade, metallurgy, and property management.


Combining a number of large companies, the group is now one of the most significant financial and industrial holdings of private investments in the market with a developed infrastructure, professional management and more than 4,000 employees. The group's approach is based on respect for traditions, history, and culture.